Mu Alpha Theta Agenda:

October –       2nd Officer Meeting
___________8th Sammie’s Birthday
___________9th Regular Meeting
___________11th Peter’s Birthday
___________16th Meeting with New Members
___________30th Officer Meeting

November -     6th Regular Meeting
___________28th Ms. Putz’s Birthday

December -     4th Officer Meeting
___________11th Regular Meeting
___________14th Chris’ Birthday

January -  ___6th Officer Meeting
___________8th Regular Meeting
___________28th Officer Meeting

February -      5th Regular Meeting
___________25th Officer Meeting

March -    ___5th Regular Meeting
___________26th Officer Meeting
___________30th Victoria’s Birthday

April -       __ 2nd Regular Meeting (Last Meeting of the Year)

May -       ___7th Banquet
___________31st Mikey’s Birthday

July -      ___ 10th Rebecca’s Birthday

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